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About \(m\alef ^tH\) on this site.

All math on denenberg.us is rendered using Katex

Here’s some inline \(5x=33x^2-8\pi\) math.

Here’s some display math: $ \int^{88}_\infty \frac{x^2}{\pi^4 x} \dot dx = 4 $

Type some math here test.

  • To write math inline, enclose the math in \( to start and \) to end. Ex: \(a=\frac{F}{m}\)
    • Note that when writing this in Jekyll markdown, you actually have to type 2 backslashes becuase the first acts as an escape character: \\(a=\frac{F}{m}\\)
  • To write display math, enclose the math in a single dollar sign: $a=\frac{F}{m}$
    • Why not 2 dollar signs you ask? It turns out that before Katex can even get to the math, if you are using 2 dollar signs the markdown parser turns it into a script tag…so not ideal.


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