Danny Denenberg

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  • Starlight ⭐️ [source] ‘hackable’ voice command assistant written in Python using Google’s Text-to-speech apis, designed to run on linux/unix enviornments
  • Java-Net ☕️ [demo][source] a neural network built from scratch in Java–has its own full-fledged matrix library.
  • MERN Material UI [source] responsive boilerplate using Material UI and MERN (MongoDB, Express🚉, React, Node) to create a login system (hashing, salting, encrypted requests) with material design
  • Ghost-Tufte [source] 👻 fantastic looking Ghost blog theme styled after Edward Tufte CSS 👩‍🎨.
  • Newcomen [source] slick and minimal jekyll blog theme for writers/programmers

^^I always try to have good documentation!